Dividend policy

On January 25th, 2023 The Management Board adopted a resolution on the acceptance of the Company’s dividend policy for the financial year 2023 and subsequent years, which was favourably reviewed by the Supervisory Board in the form of a resolution dated January 25th,  2023.

As per the adopted resolution, if the Company records a profit in a given financial year resulting from the commercialisation of its developed technologies, the Management Board deems it advantageous to recommend to the General Meeting, following evaluation by the Supervisory Board, the payment of dividends ranging from 40% to 60% of the net profit earned in that financial year. This allocation aligns with the provisions of the Code of Commercial Companies that permit the allocation of profits to dividend payments. The Management Board’s final recommendation on dividend payments will be contingent upon the earned profit, an assessment of the Company’s financial and liquidity position, and capital needs.

According to the Company’s Management Board, the implementation of this dividend policy should provide shareholders with a partial return on their investment over the policy’s duration, serving as a positive influence on the long-term stability of the Company’s shareholding. At the same time, this dividend policy is designed to furnish the Company with the means to sustain its operations and pursue further research projects.